The Veiled Threat of Freemasonry (Part 4): How Freemasonry Is Intertwined With Fascism & Nazism

Historically acclaimed books like The Third Reich – A New History by Michael Burleigh detail when, how, why and in what horrible fashion was Freemasonry victimized by Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich.  Equally, the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has devoted a section to the Nazi persecution of Freemasonry.
In Germany, shortly after World War 1 there had apparently emerged two types of German Masonic lodges: The Humanitarian and the Old Prussian.
Notably, the vast majority and most persecuted Freemason’s by the Nazi’s were and remain, the “Humanitarian.” There is something positive to be said about the Humanitarian Mason having dared to operate within concentration camps because of the strong will and desire of its members to maintain the Masonic Order and principles cherished by them.
Masonic sources state the first known Masonic Lodge to exist within the walls of a Nazi concentrations camp was the Lodge Liberte Cherie or Beloved Liberty Lodge — started by seven Belgian Freemasons, on November 15, 1943, inside Hut 6 of Esterwegen Concentration Camp.
The original seven Freemasons that were members of this Lodge were Paul Hanson, Luc Somerhausen, Jean De Schrijver, Jean Sugg, Henri Story, Amedee Miclotte, Franz Rochat and Guy Hannecart.  These men also initiated, passed and raised Brother Fernand Erauw whom was also a Belgian. Paul Hanson was the Master of the Lodge.  Only Somerhausen and Erauw survived their detention to tell of this.
Another defiant Masonic Lodge was reported to be L’Obstinee that was located inside the walls of a Nazi prisoner of war camp called Oflag, which was located near Hamburg, Germany.  Captured soldiers that were members of the Grand Orient Lodge of Belgium founded L’Obstinee.
For the most part, when people view Freemasonry being intertwined with Nazism it is limited to their persecution with descriptions of Mason’s forced to wear a Red Triangle or Double Red Star of David denoting they were political prisoners in Hitler’s concentration camps.
The Veiled Threat of Freemasonry (Part 4): How Freemasonry Is Intertwined With Fascism & Nazism

The Veiled Threat of Freemasonry (Part 4): How Freemasonry Is Intertwined With Fascism & Nazism



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