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A resposta à Polícia de Inglaterra e País de Gales da United Grand Lodge of England

O ex-chefe da Polícia de Inglaterra e do País de Gales acusa a Maçonaria de funcionar como um grupo dentro da força policial. Um funcionário da organização denunciou, em contrapartida, uma forma de discriminação.

Dear Editor
I write in response to your articles Freemasons are blocking reform, says police chair and Why the secret handshake between police and Freemasons should worry us in The Guardian on 1st and 2nd January. The articles show a complete and disappointing misrepresentation of Freemasonry. Furthermore, we understand, having spoken to the outgoing Chairman of the Police Federation, that recent media coverage does not accurately reflect his views.
We are quietly proud that, throughout history, when people have suffered discrimination both in public and social life, Freemasonry has welcomed them into our Lodges as equals. It is a shame that Freemasons are now quite openly discriminated against and that too many of our members, therefore, feel the need to keep their membershi…